Graduate Studies in Education

Master of Arts


Rank I


We also have an Alternative Certification program for students who have a bachelor's degree and wish to earn an initial teaching certificate to begin a career in education.

The organizing program theme of our master's programs in education, "Teacher Leader," embodies Union College's vision and that of the Educational Studies Unit. The department consists of a community of learners committed to promoting life-long learning in their own lives, as well as fostering a spirit of inquiry in the lives of others. We believe that students who complete graduate degrees in education should be well grounded in the liberal arts, with a sure pedagogical talent, a passion for working with students, and a commitment to ongoing study.

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Dr. David Benders
Assistant Professor of Educational Studies
Ms. Carol Clouse
Assistant Professor Educational Studies
Mrs. Dee Crescitelli
Director: ESU Alternative Certification/Assessment
Dr. Lori Henderson
Associate Professor: Education
Mrs. Preshus Howard
Director: ESU Candidate/Licensure Services
Dr. Margie Langley
Assistant Professor Education
Ms. Mary Alice Lay
Associate Professor Education
Mrs. Paula Parker-Grubb
Educational Studies Specialist
Dr. Joy Ramsey
Associate Professor Graduate Education
Dr. Jason Reeves
Assistant Professor of Education, Dean for ESU, NCATE Coord.
Dr. Jim Rubin
Associate Professor: Educational Studies