Graduate Studies in Education

Master of Arts

 Rank I

We also have an Alternative Certification program for students who have a bachelor's degree and wish to earn an initial teaching certificate to begin a career in education.

The organizing program theme of our master's programs in education, "Teacher Leader," embodies Union College's vision and that of the Educational Studies Unit. The department consists of a community of learners committed to promoting life-long learning in their own lives, as well as fostering a spirit of inquiry in the lives of others. We believe that students who complete graduate degrees in education should be well grounded in the liberal arts, with a sure pedagogical talent, a passion for working with students, and a commitment to ongoing study.

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Dr. David Benders
Assistant Professor of Educational Studies
Ms. Carol Clouse
Assistant Professor Educational Studies
Mrs. Dee Crescitelli
Director: ESU Alternative Certification/Assessment
Mrs. Preshus Howard
Director: ESU Candidate/Licensure Services
Dr. Margie Langley
Assistant Professor Education
Ms. Mary Alice Lay
Associate Professor Education
Dr. Don Musselman
Associate Professor of Graduate Education
Mrs. Paula Parker-Grubb
Graduate Studies Specialist
Dr. Joy Ramsey
Associate Professor Graduate Education
Dr. Marshall Rasnake
Professor of Graduate Education
Dr. Jason Reeves
Assistant Professor of Education, Dean for ESU, NCATE Coord.
Dr. Jim Rubin
Associate Professor: Educational Studies