Turn The Lights On

To meet the challenge of creating a more vibrant campus as well as enhance campus and community partnership, Union College has committed to launch the “Let’s Turn the Lights On” campaign to support the purchase, installment and maintenance of lights for the athletic fields.  This project will service the Burch-Nau soccer and football turf field, the Colonel Harland Sanders baseball field, the Union softball field as well as the driving range area. 

This project will impact nearly 300 students in eight athletic programs. In the short term, the college would become a host to multi-level collegiate and high-school competitions and events including but not limited to conference tournaments, summer and band camps leading to a variety of auxiliary revenues.  Additionally, the college atmosphere created by nighttime events would affect the campus atmosphere positively and have an impact on recruitment and retention.

To make a donation to help light Union's athletic fields, go to our online donation page.

Union Softball Field

Burch-Nau Field

Colonel Harland Sanders Baseball Field