Published on
September 23, 2013

Union College recently announced it has received a grant to enhance the newly introduced student success program, Union College Experience.

Published on
September 16, 2013

A Union College staff member was recently appointed by Gov. Beshear’s office as a board member with the Kentucky Communities Crisis Response Board.

Published on
September 12, 2013

Next week, Union College will host a jazz trio as the first of many arts and cultural events for the year.

Published on
September 05, 2013

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced that Union College has received a $1.5 million grant.

Published on
September 04, 2013

Union College hosted about 500 Knox Central High School students Wednesday to celebrate the launch of PartnerCorps.

Union freshmen urged to lead lives of service
Published on
August 27, 2013

Keynote speaker Walter Crouch, Ph.D., issued this simple, yet meaningful challenge and encouraged students to measure success not by materials gains, but by interpersonal growth achieved through volunteer work.

Published on
August 08, 2013

On Tuesday, during a special called Knox County Board of Education meeting, 27 Lynn Camp and Knox Central high school students were officially accepted to Union as part of the new Early Start Program.

Published on
August 05, 2013

This summer, ASP again moved to campus for several weeks, repairing 14 homes with the help of 501 volunteers.

Published on
August 02, 2013

Union College will host a special called meeting of the Knox County Board of Education on Tuesday to recognize students recently accepted into the Union Collegiate Institute Early Start Program. 

Published on
August 01, 2013

Concentrations available in Cultural Competency and Educational Policy.

Published on
May 06, 2013

Union College has announced David Johns, Ph.D., as the institution’s new vice president for academic affairs.

Published on
April 30, 2013

In a pioneer move, Union College and Knox County Public Schools have entered a partnership that seeks to promote college readiness among local high school students by providing an early start into college-level coursework.

Published on
April 17, 2013

A picnic with Bluegrass music is scheduled for next week to celebrate two important Union College events.

Published on
April 15, 2013

Almost a year after being named as Union College’s 19th president, Marcia Hawkins, Ph.D., will be officially sworn in during a ceremony later this month. 

Published on
April 10, 2013

Events leading up to the inauguration ceremony of Union's 19th president are scheduled.


Timeline of Union's history

A timeline of Union College's history

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