Offered as a major
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Required Courses for an Accounting Major

(51 hours)

ACTG 271Managerial Accounting3 hours
BUAD 151Business Processes3 hours
BUAD 302Business Communications3 hours
BUAD 310The Legal Environment of Business3 hours
COMP 241Intermediate Technology Applications3 hours
ECON 204Principles of Microeconomics3 hours
ACTG 272Financial Accounting3 hours
ACTG 331Cost Accounting3 hours
ACTG 371Intermediate Accounting I3 hours
ACTG 372Intermediate Accounting II3 hours
ACTG 376Tax Accounting3 hours
ACTG 433Auditing3 hours
ACTG 471Advanced Accounting I3 hours
ACTG 472Not-for-Profit Accounting3 hours
BUAD 303Business Statistics3 hours
BUAD 351Principles of Finance3 hours
ECON 203Principles of Macroeconomics

3 hours 

**It is recommended that in addition to the major in Accounting, students also elect to complete a minor in Computer Information Technology.