Department of English & Communication

No matter where their career plans lie after college, students are going to need effective communication and language skills. At Union College, students have the option to choose a major in either Literature or Mass Communication, giving them the opportunity to hone those skills.

Through the courses required for each major, students at Union will gain better writing and speaking skills. The understanding of human nature and different cultures comes from a variety of different things, including:

  • Reading literature
  • Reading speeches
  • Studying the mass media and persuasion
  • Producing various types of texts such as
    • Essays
    • Speeches
    • Brochures
    • Websites
    • Video Dvds

An English or Mass Communication major at Union College allows students to experience all of these first hand. These experiences will enrich their lives after college, whatever careers they choose.  

Opportunities also lie outside of the classroom for students. They will have the opportunity to:

    • Write for the college yearbook
    • Take photographs for the college yearbook
    • Publish creative work in the annual literary magazine “Reflections”
    • Film, edit and produce work for the campus TV station


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Department Chair

Dr. Jimmy Smith


Dr. Shayne Confer
Assistant Professor of English & Reading
Dr. Katie Egging
Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Susan Isaacs
Professor of English
Dr. Christine Marley-Frederick
Professor of Communication
Dr. David Powell
Instructor of English
Dr. Jimmy Smith
Professor of English/Department Chair
Mrs. Mary Beth Spurlock
Assistant Professor of English
Mr. Karl Wallhausser
Assistant Professor of English