History, Religious Studies, Languages, Fine & Performing Arts

Through the study of history, students not only learn about the past, but also learn to shape the future. Whether it be American history or world history, there is a course offered covering it.

Besides History, students may also choose to study religion. Religion courses are designed to:

  • Acquaint students with the Bible
  • Acquaint students with the Christian Heritage
  • Teach students about other great religious traditions
  • Deepen their understanding of God, themselves and the human community
  • Develop an appreciation of how religious studies relate to other academic disciplines

Another offer exists for students who choose to join this department, and that is the study of philosophy. The word "philosophy" means, literally, "the love of wisdom."

 A philosophy major will encourage students to engage in critical thinking and systematic inquiry into questions of:

  • The meaning of life
  • The nature of reality
    • Truth and justification
    • Knowledge and belief
    • Religion and Science
    • Personal morality
    • Social justice

Department Chair

Dr. Bruce Cory


Mr. Bruce W Cory
Assistant Professor: Spanish & Humanities
Dr. Virginia Gay Gandy
Associate Professor of Music
Mr. Dal Macon Jr
Assistant Professor: Arts & Humanities
Mr. Joseph Pearson
Assistant Professor: History
Dr. Michael Ramsey
Professor of History
Dr. Russ Sisson
Professor of Religion/Department Chair
Ms. Kimberly Yeager
Instructor: Theatre