Social Work Program's Relationship to the Mission, Core Values and Vision 2020 of Union College

The social work program at Union College is viewed by the administration, Board of Trustees, and faculty as an integral part of the College’s Mission to provide higher education opportunities to citizens of the region, to provide service directed learning, which is designed to enhance and improve the lives of citizens in the region.  The College recognizes that the social work program will afford students an opportunity for personal, intellectual, and social transformation, in part through service to others.  Furthermore the social work program will support and augment all six of the College’s Core Values and Vision 2020.

Core Values

Lifelong Learning
We embrace the love of learning and support each other’s desire for life-long learning.  We foster collaborative, connected, and active learning.
We espouse the spiritual quest.  We challenge each other to discover, intellectually articulate, and claim a life-affirming spiritual faith and/or philosophy of life.
We advance civic responsibility.  We promote leadership and service as a means of achieving civic responsibility.  We strive to become servant-leaders.  We honor and are active participants in the life of our home region.
We advocate civility in all communications.  We show respect for each other and the things that make our individual roles and contributions unique.  We promote integrity and collaboration by actively listening, sharing information, and being honest.
We hold each other and ourselves to high standards and accept responsibility for our actions.  We celebrate our people and their successes.

We look for and recognize promise in others, in ourselves, in neighboring communities, and our region.  We find creative ways to bring promise to fruition through opportunity (2011-2012 undergraduate catalogue. p. 4).

In summary, the social work program faculty envisions that because our discipline is congruent with the College’s Mission, Core Values, and Vision, and the program will expand the College’s opportunities for meeting goals inherent in the College’s Mission, with emphasis given to Vision 2020…All members of the Union family learn, work, and socialize in a campus community that represents and values diversity in all its forms, including race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, and political sensibility.