Offered as a minor
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Division Level

Required Courses for an Economics Minor

(21 hours)

ECON 203Principles of Macroeconomics3 hours
ECON 204Principles of Microeconomics3 hours

3 300+ ECON Prefix courses

 9 hours

Choose 2 courses (6 hours)

from the following list:

ECON 303Intermediate Macroeconomics3 hours
ECON 304Intermediate Microeconomics3 hours
ECON 322Intermediate Consumer Demand3 hours
ECON 354Managerial Economics3 hours
ECON 363Money & Banking3 hours
ECON 410Current Topics in Economics3 hours
ECON 451Environmental Economics3 hours
ECON 457International Economics3 hours
ECON 481Special Topics in Economics3 hours
BUAD 404Investments3 hours
BUAD 445Global Business3 hours
MKTG 322(Consumer Behavior; cannot take BOTH ECON 322 & MKTG 322)