International Business

Offered as a major & minor
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Required Courses for an International Business Major

(51 hours)

ACTG 271Managerial Accounting3 hours
BUAD 151Business Processes3 hours
BUAD 302Business Communications3 hours
BUAD 310The Legal Environment of Business3 hours
COMP 241Intermediate Technology Applications3 hours
ECON 204Principles of Microeconomics3 hours
ACTG 374International Accounting & Finance3 hours
BUAD 402Business Protocol3 hours
BUAD 445Global Business3 hours
ECON 457International Economics3 hours
COMM 362Interpersonal Communications3 hours

BUAD 488 ("International " in Title)


International Marketing3 hours
International Electivs:Select two courses from the list below 
HIST 341History of Britain to 16883 hours
HIST 342History of Britain Since 16883 hours
HIST 443Twentieth Century Britain3 hours
HIST 446History of Russia3 hours
HIST 451Renaissance & Reformation3 hours
HIST 452Topics in Mod European History3 hours
HIST 461Islamic Religion & Civilization3 hours
HIST 476Spec Topics in World History3 hours
INSS 103Cultural Geography3 hours
PLSC 231International Politics3 hours
PLSC 360Political Philosophy3 hours
PLSC 383Legal Political Though Modern3 hours
PLSC 470Political Violence3 hours
RLGN 452Renaissance & Reform3 hours
Language Requirement** 3 hours
International Experience

Participation and successful completion of a supervised

cross-cultural experience consisting of a choice of the following:

3 hours
 Participation in an approved study-abroad program3 hours
BUAD 485International Internship3 hours
BUAD 490International Projects3 hours

**May be met by proof of competency in a foreign language at Union College as evidenced by passing a competency exam, completion of the Intermediate II course in the language with a grade of "C" or better, or commercial language course with a grade of "C" or better.

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