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 NOTE : The CIRCLES program is an annual induction ceremony for new students that began in 2005 and  is an event that formally recognizes commitment to the Union College core values. New students pledge to uphold those values, and the Union community, in turn, vows to help them succeed. Community members from campus and beyond present each new student with a medallion, which symbolizes the pledge they made. (From the Union College webpage, September 27, 2012)

CIRCLES was the result of the efforts of Debbie D'anna, Barbara Teague, and Kelly Eikleberry, of the Student Development Staff, to create a program for new Union students that would introduce and instill in them the core values of the college.

 Folder 1

 2005 - Program (1 copy) 1st Annual

 2006 - Program (1 copy) 2ndSecond Annual

 2007 - Program (1 copy) 3rd Annual

 2009 – Program (1 copy) -  and a Medallion with strap in a cloth case with a card  for the recipient explaining the meaning of CIRCLES  5th Annual

 2010 – Program (1 copy) 6th Annual

 2011 – Program (3 copies) 7th Annual

 2012 – Program (3 copies) 8th Annual

 2013 - Program (3 copies) and 1 DVD 9th annual

 2014 - Program (2 copies) 10th annual
 2015 - Program (1 copy) and 1 DVD  11th Annual