Offered as a major & minor
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Division Level

Required Courses for a Marketing Major

(51 hours)

ACTG 271Managerial Accounting3 hours
BUAD 151Business Processes3 hours
BUAD 302Business Communications3 hours
BUAD 310The Legal Environment of Business3 hours
COMP 241Intermediate Technology Applications3 hours
ECON 204Principles of Microeconomics3 hours
BUAD 303Business Statistics3 hours
MGMT 352Principles of Management3 hours
BUAD 445Global Business3 hours
MKTG 321Principles of Marketing3 hours
MKTG 322 or ECON 322Consumer Behavior3 hours
MKTG 378Marketing Techniques & Theory for Individuals3 hours
MKTG 400Marketing Management3 hours
MKTG 481 and/or MKTG 485Special Topics and/or Internship3-6 hours
MKTG Electives(See Below) 

Marketing Electives (9 hours)

Select 3-6 hours from the following:

BUAD 445Global Business3 hours
COMM 211Public Speaking3 hours**
COMM 261Writing & Speaking for the Media3 hours*
COMM 322Persuasion3 hours**
COMM 362Interpersonal Communications3 hours**
MGMT 324Personal & Interpersonal Excellence3 hours
PSYH 330 Social Psychology3 hours
Select 3-6 hours from the following:  
MKTG 370Advertising3 hours*


ENCO 221

Public Relations OR

Intro to Mass Communications

3 hours*


MGMT 374

Business Logistics OR

Operation Management

3 hours

*Recommended Integrated Marketing Communication track

**Recommended Sales track

Selecting a track is not required

Required Courses for a Marketing Minor

(21 hours)

MKTG 378Marketing Techniques & Theories for Individuals3 hours

MKTG 322 or

ECON 322

Consumer Behavior3 hours
MKTG 370Advertising3 hours
MKTG 421Logistics3 hours

Select 9 hours of Marketing electives

(300+ level or above)

BUAD 303 Business Statistics will

also count as an elective.

 9 hours