Offered as a major & minor
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Courses Required for a Mathematics Major

MATH 241Introduction to Calculus & Analytic Geometry4 hours
MATH 242Intermediate Calculus & Analytic Geometry4 hours
MATH 243Advanced Calculus & Analytic Geometry4 hours
COMP 250A Mathematically-Relevant Programming Course such as C++3 hours
PHYS 211 & 212General Physics8 hours
PHYS 213-214General Physics Laboratory2 hours
Two of the following 3 courses:  
MATH 333Modern Algebra3 hours
MATH 402Functions of a Complex Variable3 hours
MATH 403Introduction to Analysis3 hours

 Those seeking secondary certification must include Mathematics 301 and 333. Mathematics 321, 331, 332 and 372 are recommended.

Courses Required for Mathematics Minor

COMP 350 (a mathematically-relevant programming course such as C++) plus twenty-one semester hours numbered 241 and above to include Mathematics 241 and 242.