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Required Courses for a Nursing Major

Requirements for the Major: 40 hours
NURS 300The Professional Role3 hours
NURS 310Health Assessment4 hours
NURS 332Nursing Theory1 hour
NURS 334Healthcare Policy & Finance3 hours
NURS 336Trancultural Nursing3 hours
NURS 338Healthcare Informatics3 hours
NURS 340Pathophysiology3 hours
NURS 360Evidence Based Practice & Research3 hours
NURS 420Community Health Nursing3 hours
NURS 421Community Health Nursing Practicum2 hours
NURS 430Management/Leadership3 hours
NURS 431Management/Leadership Practicum2 hours
NURS 444Emerging & Persistent Issues in Nursing & Healthcare3 hours
NURS 460Readings in Nursing1 hour
CHEM 230Survey of General & Biochemistry3 hours
Liberal Studies Requirements 12-21 hours
English Communications: 9 hours
ENGL 101Introduction to Freshman Composition & Literature 
ENGL 102Freshman Composition & Literature 
COMM 211Public Speaking 
Math: 3 hours
MATH 110

General College Math or Higher (BHSC 245, Basic Statistics:Theory & Applications

is recommended if planning for graduate school).

Social and Behavioral Science: 3 hours
Religion & Philosophy: 3 hours
History:  3 hours
Fine Arts: 3 hours

A total of 120 hours are required for the degree. A maximum of 67 hours may be transferred from a community college to Union College.

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