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Required Courses for a Physics Minor

Required Courses  

PHYS 211

General Physics I4 hours
PHYS 212General Physics II4 hours
PHYS 213General Physics Lab1 hour
PHYS 214General Physics Lab1 hour
PHYS 304Modern Physics3 hours
PHYS 305  
PHYS 331Heat & Thermodynamics3 hours
CHEM 314Physical Chemistry Lab1 hour
CHEM 332Physical Chemistry3 hours
MATH 241Intro to Calcu & Analytic Geometry4 hours
MATH 242Advanced Calculus & Analytical Geometry4 hours
MATH 243Advanced Calclulus & Analytical Geometry4 hours

Electives to be chosen from:

PHYS 402

COMP 250 (or higher)

MATH 332 or higher



A mathematically-relevant programming course such as C++

Linear Algebra

3 hours