Political Science

Offered as a minor
Division Level

Requirements for a Minor in Political Science

PLSC 101American Government3 hours

Sub Fields

Include at least one selection from each

of the following areas:

 12 hours
American Institutions  3 hours
PLSC 305 American Parties & Politics  
PLSC 408 The American Presidency  
PLSC/CRJU 209American Courts & Judicial Process 

Comparative Politics & International


 3 hours 
PLSC 231 International Politics  
PLSC/CRJU 470Political Violence  
Political Theory  3 hours 
PLSC 360 Political Philosophy  
PLSC/CRJU 382 Legal Political Thought-Classical  
PLSC/CRJU 383 Legal Political Though-Modern  
*PLSC 270 (Honors) Politics & The Social Contract  
Public Law  3 hours 
PLSC 486Constitutional Law I: Civil Liberties 
PLSC 483Constitutional Law II: National Powers 

Six additional hours bearing a PLSC prefix:

including special topics.

6 hours

 NOTE: This minor requires the completion of fifteen (15) unduplicated credit hours (hours not also applying to another degree).

*Honors only or with permission of instructor.

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