Questions and Answers

Following are the most frequently asked questions and our answers:

If sessions are filled, the system will not let you register.  Please have an alternate choice (or two) so that you can continue with registration.  If you are still having problems contact us so that we can help.


You may pay with a PO.

You may bring the PO with you on the day that you attend, but we would prefer that you send it at least a week before sessions begin.   

Please address PO to:

Union College
310 College Street
Barbourville, KY 40906

attn: Diana Mills

Phone: (606) 546 1620

How does the pricing work?

If you attend one day (6 hrs.) the cost is $125

If you attend all three days (18 hrs.) the cost is $100 per day--$300

If 5 or more teachers from a school and/or district attend, the cost is $100 for each teacher (for each day) 


Your district will be billed.  Please make sure that your PO has your district billing contact information included and if it wasn't mailed to Union,  have the PO with you when you attend. 

Can I take one-half day (3 hours.)?


Can I take one-half day on one day and one-half day on another day?


Why do some sessions have a capacity of 20 and some 5?

Sessions with the capacity of 20-you will be working with a KY Arts’ Council Juried teaching artist;

Sessions with the capacity of 5-you will be participating in sessions including students.

Can my child/children attend Art Camp?

Yes, for registration information

How do I register my child/children for Art Camp?


Please visit: for registration information

Information about accomodiations

 Please be sure to contact Diana Mills for room reservations and if you have questions.
'; // --> or 606 546 1620.  

FYI you will need: All Linens for bed, towels, washcloths, bathing items….beds are twin


Am I required to stay on campus or can I commute?

No, this is optional.

Am I required to eat meals in the college cafeteria?

No, this is optional.

Buffet Style Meals in Cafeteria

Breakfast:  $4.50 per day
Lunch:  $6.00 per day
Dinner:  $7.00 per day

Information about Union College and Barbourville:


Additional questions:


Diana L. Mills
(606) 546-1620 | Cell: (606) 627-7566