Recreation Management

Offered as a major & minor
Division Level

The Recreation Management Program (RECM) prepares students to assume professional positions in the public sector providing outdoor recreation opportunities, managing natural resources, and developing and executing environmentally ethical policies. In the private and nonprofit sectors, students are prepared to deliver camp and outdoor adventure-based programs. The program facilitates students’ development of critical thinking, effective communication, and responsible exercise of our social responsibilities while promoting personal growth.

Graduates of the RECM program will:

  • Demonstrate competence in the conceptual and philosophical foundations of play, recreation, and leisure.
  • Demonstrate competence in their understandings of the interrelationship between leisure behavior and the natural environment.
  • Demonstrate competence in their understanding of:  environmental ethics; the relationship of environmental ethics to the philosophy of planning, design and development; and the potential impact of planning, design and development upon the environment.
  • Demonstrate competence in their knowledge of the purpose, basic procedures (which include computer and statistical techniques), interpretation, and application of research and evaluation methodology related to recreation and leisure services.
  • Demonstrate competence in their understanding of outdoor recreation, wilderness, and natural resource management, including a comprehensive understanding of concepts, principles, and current issues.
  • Demonstrate competence in their knowledge of the development and delivery of recreation programs including the assessment, planning and evaluation processes.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of principles and procedures for proper social, cultural and environmental design of leisure services, areas, and facilities.
  • Demonstrate competence in their understanding of management, marketing, and human resource theory and applications in the delivery of recreation and leisure services, and the administration and management of recreation facilities. 
  • Demonstrate user competence in back-country recreation (e.g., leadership, interpretation, safety, ethics, and in educational methodologies appropriate to wilderness settings).
  • Demonstrate competence in the interpretation of natural processes, and development of environmental education programs.

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