How the Richland Institute got its name

The title “Richland Institute” is inspired by local culture and geography and symbolizes the nourishment that contributes to total-person health.

Knox County’s Little Richland and Big Richland Creeks converge on the outskirts of Barbourville and continue until they meet the Cumberland River. Spring rains create flooding along the tributaries and wash fertile soil from the mountains and deposit it in the valleys creating rich bottomland—prized for planting gardens, corn and other crops. Fishing, seining, catching turtles and frog gigging have been sources of fresh meat for generations, and many locals still enjoy spending a morning catching fish for supper. The branches, creeks and rivers in the area provide playgrounds for carefree summer days. Our waterways touch the lives of every person in the region. Just as water is a necessary component of life, education is the key to a better quality of life. The Richland Institute embodies the many branches of education available to residents of the region.