Special Education

Offered as a major
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Courses Required for a Special Education Major

Pre-professional Courses

for students preparing to teach Special Education(P-12).

Minimum GPA of 2.75 required

COMP 151Introduction to Technology Applications3 hours 
 MATH 203Math for Elementary School Teachers I 3 hours 
 MATH 204Math for Elementary School Teachers II 3 hours 
PSYH 200Introduction to Psychology3 hours
 Multicultural Studies3 hours
Choose one of the following:  
 MUSC 373Elementary School Music 3 hours 
EDUC 271Teaching Art in the Elementary School3 hours
Professional Preparation
EDUC 231 Schooling in American Culture 3 hours 
 EDUC 210Early Involvement Practicum 2 hours 
 EDUC 211Early Involvement Seminar 1 hour 
EDUC 318Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary Grades3 hours
PSYH 210Child Psychology3 hours
EDUC 388Literacy in the Elementary School3 hours
EDUC 338Teaching Reading in the Content Subjects3 hours
PSYH 470Theories of Learning3 hours
EDUC 488Professional Interaction in the Schools3 hours
Choose one of the following:  
EDUC 348Teaching Science in Elementary Grades3 hours
EDUC 328Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary Schools3 hours
EDUC 458/478/498Student Teaching in the Special Education Setting12 hours
Special Education Professional Preparation


SPED 321Survey of Exceptionalities 3 hours 
SPED 323 Managing Behavior Problems 3 hours 
SPED 327 Individualized Educational Programming 3 hours 
SPED 401 Early Childhood Education for Exceptional Learners 3 hours 
SPED 404 Assessing Children w/Learn & Behav Problems 4 hours 
SPED 406 Teaching Students w/Learn & Behav Prob I: Elem3 hours 
SPED 408 Teaching Students w/Learn & Behav Prob I: Mid & Sec 4 hours 
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