Alumni Association

Connecting you with Union College and alumni with a mission to foster, preserve and advance higher education, and to serve and promote our alma mater.

The Union College Alumni Association serves as your connection to the college. its students and alumni across the world. 

What does the Union College Alumni Association do?

We are responsible for the promotion of Union College and the general alumni body by maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between the college and its alumni by providing opportunities for alumni to assist in fundraising and recruitment of students,  mentoring and other networking opportunities.

Every Graduate is a Member

The Union College Alumni Association uses a charitable gift structure which allows the association to include all living UC graduates as members of the Union College Alumni Association. 

A board of directors oversees the association, which consists of alumni from Union College. 

As an active member in the Union College Alumni Association, you will sustain your relationship with your alma mater, reconnect with old friends, and meet new ones. 

UC Alumni Association Constitution & By Laws (revised 2012)




John Dodd ‘89



Doug Logan '68



Liannie Parahoo '01



Chuck Conley '64


Alumni Trustees

Jack Downey ‘66
Jim Habercam ’72


Board of Directors


Class of 2014

Nell Westbrook ‘64
Austin Maples ‘11
Ashley Poore ‘11
Billy Hensley ‘98
Bruce Roberts ‘61
Allison Fowler ‘08


Class of 2015

Carol Meibers '71
Marcus Roland '71
Charles Frazier '76, '80 MA
Ruth Wooten-Kee '96
Eddie Campbell '96, '01 MA
Penny Mills '00
Jessica Seitz '97
Kim McGraner '02
Jeff Frost '97
Kim Mills '98
Tom Posey 91, '02 MA


Class of 2016

Robert (Bob) Brown, '63
Jeff Canady, '90
David Gross, '91
Bridgett Hastings, '92, MA '02
August Mangeney, '07
Phillip Russell, '02, MA '12
Scott Russell, '97, MA '07
Danny Strunk, '64
Christi Yercine, MA '04