Information Technology

Welcome to Technology @ Union!

The Official Word: The Information Technology department at Union College administers, supports, and develops strategic plans to enhance the learning environment at Union College through the use of technology.

Unofficially: We're an outrageous bunch of tech geeks who just really enjoy supporting the liberal arts mission with our technical shamanism. We do all kinds of goofy things just for fun, like reading about IPv6 and the Higgs-Boson while we're on vacation.

We're a fusion of techy and liberal-artsy at the same time--a real-world example of what all this "liberal arts" education mumbo jumbo is all about. We're made up of a bunch of music, philosophy, literature, and religious studies majors (and a few CIT folks) who play guitar, attend Star Wars conventions (not in costume, though), and program SQL queries. 

Yep. We're a peculiar bunch. Come see us and we'll demonstrate why the liberal arts approach to education is the best preparation for wherever your journey may take you--even toward a career in technology!


Mr. Jesse Barton
Senior Technical Support Specialist
Mr. John Begley
Technical Support Specialist
Mr. Eric Evans
Director: Administrative Systems
Mr. Jason Frazier
Network Administrator
Mr. Denny Liford
Coordinator: Electronic Media
Mr. Josh Parsons
Support Desk Technician
Mr. Walter Wahlstedt
System Administrator
Mrs. Marsha Yost
Applications Specialist

The Technology Support Help Desk is located downstairs in the Black Technology Center. The Support Help Desk is open Monday through Friday from 8:00AM until 4:00PM.

Expanded support hours now available:
Phone support is available 24x7 by calling the Support Help Desk
Phone at (606) 546-1626 or x1626 or

Please Note: When filling out a support request please include your phone number as well as a non-Union email address so we can contact you as soon as possible to give you assistance.

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