Game Console and Other Device Registration

So you're on campus, and everything you own needs internet access. Maybe your CoD buddies are waiting for you, and you can't get on PSN or XBox Live.  Now what?

It doesn't matter whether you're using a wired (ethernet) connection or wireless (wifi) - you need to register your devices, so that you can connect them to the campus network.  Here are the basic steps you should follow in order to accomplish this:

  • Step One: If you're reading this, you're connected to the internet on a computer or tablet.  Maybe you're sitting at a public access computer in the library or student center.  That's great!  The battle is halfway won.  Head over to the device registration page.
  • Now, you'll need to enter some information about you and your device.  The User Name and Password are the same ones you use for EVERYTHING else on campus, so you have that, no problem.  The MAC Address is a little trickier to get, and is hidden someplace different on each device.  Here's a partial list of where you can find this:

Nintendo DS - Insert a game that is Nintendo Wi-Fi Compatible and access the WFC Setup Utility.  Tap Options, then System Information.

Nintendo 3DS - Tap the System Settings icon (wrench).  Tap Internet Settings, then Other Information, then Confirm MAC Address.

Nintendo DSi - Tap the Settings icon (wrench).  Tap the right arrow until you are on page 3, tap Internet, then System Information.

Nintendo Wii - From the Wii Channel menu, click on Wii Settings (bottom left).  Select Internet, then Console Settings.

Playstation 3 - Power up your PS3 without a game in the drive.  Select Settings, then System Settings, then System Information.

Playstation Portable - Select System Settings, then System Information.

PS Vita - From the Home screen, tap the Settings application, then tap start.  Swipe up on the screen to scroll down to the System option. Tap System Information.

XBox 360 - From the dashboard, select My Xbox, then System Settings, then Network Settings.  Select your network here, then select Configure Network.  Select the Additional Settings tab, then select Alternate MAC Address.  Depending on your model, you should have MAC addresses here for both wired and wireless connections.

Roku Streaming Player - The MAC addresses are printed on the underside of the device.  One address is for a wired connection, and the other for wireless.

  • Next, you need to attempt to connect your device to the network at least once. Otherwise, the next step will fail.  So go ahead, hop on Live (or PSN, or Nintendo WFC).  Go on, we'll wait.
  • Ok, now that connecting to the network failed (as expected), take that MAC address you looked up earlier, head back over to the device registration page, fill out the form, then select your Device Type from the dropdown box.  If all goes as planned, you should get a message that tells you how successful you are.  Congrats!  Your device should have internet access now.

The bad news is that this process can often fail in one of several spectacular ways.  If this happens, no problem!  Just contact us at Black Technology Center and we'll help you straighten it out.  To contact someone in Tech Support:

  • Send us an email with a detailed description of the problem to,
  • Walk over to the Black Technology Center during our business hours -or-
  • Call us at (606) 546-1626.

When you call or write, be sure to include that MAC address you looked up!

The Technology Support Help Desk is located downstairs in the Black Technology Center. The Support Help Desk is open Monday through Friday from 8:00AM until 4:30PM.

Expanded support hours now available:
Phone support is available 24x7 by calling the Support Help Desk
Phone at (606) 546-1626 or x1626 or

Please Note: When filling out a support request please include your phone number as well as a non-Union email address so we can contact you as soon as possible to give you assistance.

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