User Account Policy

Union College Account Management System User Account Policy


The Union College account management system shall be purged of old user accounts and only be populated with current user accounts. This is necessary for security, space, and software licensing reasons.

  • Security - Users that do not meet the criteria listed below should not have access to the college’s email and network. Likewise, the more accounts in the system, the greater the odds of an account being compromised and used for malicious purposes.
  • Space - Servers have a limited amount of space. Old accounts should be removed to make way for new accounts.
  • Licensing - Certain software is charged based on the number of users in the college account management system. Old users should be removed in order to lower software licensing costs.


Old accounts shall be purged on a regular basis according to the following criteria:

Undergraduate Students

Accounts will expire 1 year after graduation or last date of attendance.


Graduate Students

Accounts will expire 3 year after graduation or last date of attendance.



Information Technology defines alumni as any student who has received a degree from Union College. Accounts will be removed for Undergraduate students who have not been enrolled within the past year. Accounts will be removed for Graduate students who have not been enrolled within the past three years.



Accounts will be removed for employees immediately upon their departure.  If the employee is also a current student or alumnus they will be treated according to the requisite policy.



Accounts for faculty will be removed upon their departure unless they are being considered for emeritus status. During the waiting period their account will retain permissions to access campus resources. Accounts granted emeritus status will be transitioned to



Accounts falling into the categories above will have all special access removed. The user will then be notified two weeks prior to being disabled. The account will remain disabled for at least two weeks prior to being deleted. During this time, notified and/or disabled users can contact Technology if they still need access to their account. Any extension of access beyond the final day of employment must be approved by the HR office which will document the reason for the extension and provide Information Technology Services with a date for the account to be closed.

The Technology Support Help Desk is located downstairs in the Black Technology Center. The Support Help Desk is open Monday through Friday from 8:00AM until 4:30PM.

Expanded support hours now available:
Phone support is available 24x7 by calling the Support Help Desk
Phone at (606) 546-1626 or x1626 or

Please Note: When filling out a support request please include your phone number as well as a non-Union email address so we can contact you as soon as possible to give you assistance.

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