Dr. Christine Marley-Frederick

Professor of Communication

Contact Info

(606) 546-1364
007 Centennial Hall
Campus PO Box
CPO 808

Bachelor of Science, 1984, Communication
Ball State University, Muncie, IN

Master of Arts, 1986, Communication
Ball State University, Muncie, IN

Doctorate of Philosophy, 1994, Communication
University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Areas of Expertise

Mass Communication
Political Communication
Communication history
Media Literacy


LEARN. I’ve been teaching college for 32 years, 23 @ Union College. I taught at Ball State as a graduate student and adjunct; I taught at Palm Beach Community College for three years in the late 80s. I taught at the University of Oklahoma while getting my Ph.D. in Political Communication. Teaching and learning are my passions. I think the best teachers are the ones who continue to challenge themselves to learn every day. And since I like to learn in a fun environment, I also believe Laughter should be a part of learning.

Courses I teach:

Public Speaking

Intro to Media/Mass Communication

Media Law


Writing and Speaking for the Media I & II

Propaganda/Public Discourse

Media Literacy

Video Production I & II

Visual Communication I & II

Layout & Design


LAUGH. My dissertation (a big book I wrote for my Ph.D.) studies political cartoons. I’ve studied Play (vs. work), laughter, rumors, scapegoating, icons and the powers of persuasion (particularly when people are just playing). Much like the memes of today, the political cartoons of the early 1990s were about presidents, congresspersons, wars, other world powers, Supreme Court decisions, elections… The power of the cartoon was to cut to the chase, to say what isn’t said in polite conversation, to laugh at the absurd or ironic, to scapegoat and sometimes to shake our heads at the truth of it all. These cartoons also had the frequent problem of lacking depth or nuance, even when the subject might call for much deeper analysis.