Dr. Randy Botkin

Professor of Recreation Management

Ph.D., Forestry, North Carolina State University, 1987.  "The Forest Planning Model and Outdoor Recreation Resource Allocation."

 M.S., Recreation Resources Administration, North Carolina State University, 1976.  "Outdoor Recreation Activity Substitution Between Reservoir and Non-Reservoir Activity Groups."

 B.S., Recreation and Park Administration, North Carolina State University, 1975

Areas of Expertise

1. Natural recreation resource management

2. Resource planning

3. Park and recreation facility feasibility analysis, planning and site design

4. Wilderness policy

5. Fiscal management

6. Rural tourism




Trout fishing

Professional Experience

Professor, Department of Wellness, Human Performance, and Recreation, Union College, Barbourville, Kentucky, 2003-present.  Tenure granted August, 2010.  Responsible for Recreation Management Curriculum. Have taught 19 of 20 curriculum core courses for the three concentrations: Leisure Service Management, Natural Resource Recreation Management, and Outdoor Experiential Education. Advise students in major and other undergraduate students.  Revised curriculum to align classes and content with National Recreation and Park Association accreditation standards.

Vice-President, Financial Services New Technologies and Operations Manager, Branch Banking and Trust Corporation, Winston-Salem, NC, 1995-2002.  Developed, managed and directed the implementation of Financial Service (FS) ProActiv (the automated client data-based sales management software customized for each of the nine FS lines-of-business) which resulted in increased sales and referral efficiency, and enhanced profitability.  Supervised FS Technology System Support Administrator.  Managed corporate profit planning and financial reporting for the FS Group.  Prepared monthly FS financial reports, analyzed budget and revenue production efficiency, calculated revenue margin.  Completed monthly staffing analysis.  Between 1998 and 2002, assisted in the facilitation of FS 25% per year noninterest-income growth strategy (total revenue in excess of $610MM in 2001) while increasing net income at an annual compound growth-rate of 38.33% over the same period.  Served as FS liaison for the BB&T Privacy Initiative; Branch Automation Project; Best-of-the Best Sales Incentive Program; Economic Value Taskforce and Workgroup; Pentegration/Integrated Relationship Management TQM workgroup; Branch Automation Release Team; BB&T GLB Security Taskforce; Corporate and Profit Planning TQM workgroup; and Total Quality Round-Table.  Refined initial BB&T Private Banking concept adopted by Executive Management and executed as BB&T Private Financial Services.  As a member of the product development team, completed market demand analysis for the BB&T Asset Management Account, now private labeled as the Smart Money Manager account.  Served, from August 1995 through August 1997, as Executive Assistant to Scott Reed, CFO, BB&T Corporation.

Associate Professor, Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration, Western Illinois University, 1988-1994.  Tenure granted for exceptional performance, Fall 1993.  Taught two outdoor recreation courses and core administrative courses (i.e., administration, fiscal management and public-sector marketing).  Administrative courses included extensive hands on learning opportunities (e.g., development of public sector recreation agency operating budgets; marketing research exercises which included questionnaire and survey design, data collection, and data analysis and the development of recreation program marketing plans).  As one of the leading campus advocates for the WIU Writing in the Disciplines (WID) program which stressed undergraduate excellence in written, profession-specific communications, successfully worked for adoption by the faculty senate of the university-wide graduation requirement.  Taught the two designated WID courses in the Recreation, Park, and Tourism undergraduate curriculum.  Supported with externally funded research assistantships, on average, three graduate students a year and involved undergraduate students in numerous research data-collection efforts.  Adopted first extensive-use of PC-based instructional exercises in RPTA curriculum in Fiscal Management, Park Maintenance and Marketing courses.  Served for three years on the Faculty Senate Council on Curriculum Programs and Instruction that approved university-wide proposed undergraduate courses and changes in instructional curriculum.  Participated in the re-accreditation of department by National Recreation and Park Association.  Served on the University Honor Council and the University Research Committee.  Chaired and served on the Departments personnel committee.  Served as a financial management consultant for four Illinois Park Districts (completed recommendations for revenue generation, cost reduction, budget development, and program and facility feasibility analysis).  Served as rural tourism development expert on two statewide tourism advisory boards.  Experienced in economic modeling and impact analysis, computerized forest planning, revenue and trend forecasting, cost benefit analysis, break-even analysis, and consumer and participant profile analysis.  Additional skills include computer literacy in mainframe and micro-computer environments; strategic planning using modified nominal group technique; organizational development; office management; personnel management (hiring, training, supervision, performance review and career path development); program administration; budget development and administration; and regional and site level resource and facility planning.

Parks and Recreation Planning Officer, North Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Community Development, Raleigh, 1987-88.  Responsible for the Strategic Planning Program and the State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan.  Supervised two planners.

Natural Resource Consultant: Botkin Consulting, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1987-88.  EPA economic impact of air pollutants project, identified significant independent variables for the estimation of tree growth.  Assisted in the development of a study methodology to estimate the economic impact of ozone on southeastern forests while controlling for weather, site quality, and other environmental stress factors.

Visiting Lecturer, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, 1987.  Taught two undergraduate recreation curriculum courses.

Graduate Research Assistant, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, 1984-87.  Worked in the largest university-based natural resource GIS lab in the southeastern US on EPA, NPS and FS projects.

Associate Executive Director, American Heart Association, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1982-83.  Hired, trained and supervised a professional staff of 12 with a support staff of three ($500,000 program budget).  Revitalized a statewide volunteer network that overcame an adverse public relations problem carried-over from a previous Executive Director, and raised $1.6 million primarily from small individual contributions.

Outdoor Recreation Planner, Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior, Washington, DC, 1980-82.  National staff lead for the wilderness instant study areas program, wilderness study scheduling program, US Geologic Survey and Bureau of Mines wilderness mineral survey program and staff budget analyst ($15 million program budget), Department of Wilderness and Environmental Areas.  On own initiative, developed and executed a national memorandum of understanding with the US Forest Service to jointly study wilderness potential of contiguous public and Forest Service lands.  Reviewed wilderness sections in all BLM EIS's for adequacy and compliance with management policies and regulations.  Served as onsite-representative or team member for the resolution of state wilderness study area status issues (e.g., Paria Canyon and Vermillion Cliffs WSAs in Arizona and Dubois Experiment Station grazing lands, Dubois, Idaho).  Briefed directorate on ISA policy issues, and state designation recommendations.  Handled all controlled correspondence on ISA issues, and GS mineral surveys.  Developed proposed accelerated mineral survey schedule requested by the Secretary of Interior.

Wilderness Specialist, Bureau of Land Management, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1978-80.  Responsible for completion of wilderness inventory of 5,000,000 acres of public land in northern and central New Mexico.  Project Lead for the Bisti accelerated wilderness study and wilderness specialist for corresponding EIS.  Served on numerous project-related EIS teams (e.g., proposals for 500KV powerline ROWs; four coal-fired power plants; Rio Puerco Grazing EIS; Starlake to Bisti Regional EIS; etc.).  Served as instructor for national Wilderness Interim Management training team during late summer 1978, training wilderness and natural resource staff on new interim management policy in all 11 BLM states.  Supervised two outdoor recreation planners.  Administered program budget of $250,000.  Completed wilderness sections of district annual work plans, San Juan and Taos Multiple Framework Plans, and district annual budget.

Outdoor Recreation Planner, Bureau of Land Management, Washington, DC, 1978.  Together with HQ representatives from all affected renewable and nonrenewable resource programs, served as taskforce chair and developed national guidelines for the interim-management of wilderness study areas prior to Congressional designation or release from further study.  Developed concepts of impact mitigation as a means of minimizing resource management constraints in WSAs while meeting FLPMA requirements.  Served on teams preparing BLM Wilderness Inventory Policy and guidelines for the development of Wilderness Management Plans.  Analyzed legislation and briefed DOI and BLM officials.  Developed responses to public and congressional inquiries concerning BLM Wilderness Program.

Assistant Extension Agent, North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service, Franklin, 1977-78.  Revitalized a nonexistent program.  Developed strong community based program with major clubs in every county community, expanded membership more than 1,000 %.  Assisted USFS in local and regional land use planning.

 Graduate Research Assistant, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, 1975-76.

 Park Caretaker, Raleigh Parks and Recreation Department, 1975.

 Recreation Intern, Norfolk Parks and Recreation Department, 1974.

 Tactical Communications Chief, United States Army, 1968-71 (Served in Viet Nam, 1/69 to 9/70)

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