Lisa Wagner

Admission Counselor


I came to Union in 2009 as a freshman from Northern Kentucky and I fell in love with the campus and the people. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Health in 2013 and started my Masters shortly after that, which I am currently working on now. I have made lifelong friends and memories I will carry with me forever. I wouldn’t change my experiences at Union College for anything. 

In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends and getting out of the house. I love sports, so I try to get to every sporting event on campus that I can. I also love being active. Running is my favorite hobby and the city of Barbourville has been a great place for me to continue that.

What moves you at Union?

I am moved by the encouragement and inspiriation that Union College provides. I have been inspired and encouraged to go above and beyond what I ever dreamed. I never thought I would go to college and Union changed that for me. I also never thought I would be working towards getting my Master’s Degree and that too was changed. Union College has set me “running” towards what I didn’t think was possible and for that I am very grateful. 


What do you love about Union?

I love the Family atmosphere. Union genially cares about the well-being of it students, faculty and staff. The Faculty and staff are always there when students need help or just someone to talk to. That means a lot because some students travel from far away, so it is very important to have a sense of “home away from home”.


What can you encourage students to do?

Get out of your comfort zone and get involved! Your college experience is what you make it. Get out of your dorm room, stay on campus one weekend instead of going home, go on trips with the Campus Activities Board and attend the movie nights and different events CAB constantly has on campus. GET OUT THERE AND MOVE!

Contact Info

(606) 546-1653
1101C Speed Hall
Campus PO Box