Latin American/Iberian Studies Program

The Latin American/Iberian Studies program is an area studies program that provides a student with a background in the history, culture and Spanish language of Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

A major consist of the following 38 hours:

Required Courses in History and Cognate Disciplines—18 hrs
HIST 221 History and Culture of Spain and Portugal (3)
HIST 223 History of Latin America (3)
SPAN 231 Topics in Hispanic Culture (3)
HIST 311 American History to 1848 (3)
HIST 474 Topics in Latin American History (3)
HUMN 477 Philosophy of Life (3)

Required Courses in Spanish—9 hrs
SPAN 211 Intermediate Spanish I (3)
SPAN 212 Intermediate Spanish II (3)
SPAN 311 Spanish Grammar, Conversation, and Composition (3)

Electives in History and Cognate Disciplines—11 hrs
Any three of the following:
HIST 312 American History from 1848 to 1919 (3)
HIST 451 Renaissance and Reformation (3)
HIST 452 Topics in Modern European History (3)
HIST 456 Islamic Religion and Civilization (3)
SPAN 342 Topics in Spanish Language Studies (3)

Any two of the following:
HIST 301 Readings in US History (1)
HIST 302 Readings in World History (1)
SPAN 301 Readings in Spanish (1)

Students may count KIIS courses devoted to the study of the Spanish language and/or the history and culture of the Spanish-speaking world toward the elective requirement.