Ms. Summer Jackson

Director: Undergraduate Enrollment


I graduated with my bachelor’s degree from the University of Kentucky and have my Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Teaching. I am currently pursing my Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership.

When I’m not doing homework I enjoy traveling and reading (for fun). I consider myself to be a cook and food critic. I also love shopping, maybe a little too much! I enjoy dedicating time with volunteering and to friends and family, especially my Union family.


What moves you at Union?

I move to make sure students know it’s all about them. At Union you are a name, a face and an individual. That is an opportunity I didn't have for much of my educational experiences and it is an amazing how much everyone at Union really cares about you. These are relationships that will help you grow as an individual and scholar.


What do you love about Union?

The family! I am an only child and I have never felt like I had so many siblings, aunts, uncles and even cousins. I truly love coming to campus and being surrounded by those who care about me.  Union is my family and I know that you will feel the same way when you get to campus.


What can you encourage students to do?

I can’t encourage students enough to visit campuses. Ask for everything when you get to there – sit in on a class, look at a dorm, talk to students, and anything else that is important to you ask for it. It is all about feeling comfortable and know this is where you want to be.  

Contact Info

(606) 546-1709
1101B Speed Hall
Campus PO Box
CPO 807