Roasted pig helps battle domestic violence

Published on
August 27, 2012

When Union College’s incoming freshmen lined up for roasted pig at the annual Welcome Weekend picnic, they weren’t aware that they were indirectly supporting victims of domestic violence.

After all, what does this typical farm animal have in common with a donation to the Knox County Domestic Violence Council? The answer is simple: Ron and Dana Brown.

According to Jodi Carroll, Union’s director of counseling, the Browns were asked to roast the pig—a task that takes nearly 24 hours—because they represent the council, an organization that Union College respects and considers worthwhile. Union’s goal was to help them raise awareness for their cause.

“A decision was made to recruit someone from a community organization involved with our students and campus,” Carroll said. “Dana (Brown) was very interested in the opportunity for the Knox County Domestic Violence Council to provide a volunteer, because she knew this would also be an opportunity to promote the council and its mission.”

The Browns arrived the night before the picnic and tended to the roasted pig throughout the next day until the event began that evening. They were each fully content to volunteer their time in exchange for raising awareness. However, on behalf of the college, Carroll presented them with a $250 donation to benefit the Knox County Domestic Violence Council.
Carroll said the donation was an important one to make because recognizing members of the community for their work aligns with Union’s mission to support the region.

“The party is a huge and exciting event, and it has special meaning when we find ways to involve representatives from our local community,” Carroll said.