Union and Knox County Board to recognize ‘Early Start’ students

Published on
August 02, 2013

Union College will host a special called meeting of the Knox County Board of Education on Tuesday to recognize students recently accepted into the Union Collegiate Institute Early Start Program.

The meeting will be called to order at 7 p.m. at Conway Boatman Chapel. This open meeting will be filmed and broadcast at a later date in Barbourville on Knox County Schools’ TV-4.

Twenty-eight high school students from both Knox Central and Lynn Camp high schools will be recognized and presented with acceptance certificates. The agenda includes remarks by key members of Union College’s leadership team, current Union students and Ralph Hoskins, the interim Knox County superintendent.

Students in the Early Start Program will begin their college coursework on Tuesday, Aug. 27, when Union’s fall semester begins. Parents and students will attend orientation on Aug. 12, when they will learn more about expectations and become familiar with campus. 

The program, which launched in late April, provides an opportunity for accepted students to earn up to 29 credit hours in four years at no expense to them. Accepted students qualified themselves through interviews, applications and test scores. The application process began in May for this program, which has been in the exploration and negotiation phases for well over a year.