Student Government Association

Union students have a vital role and a distinct responsibility in the governance of the college. Through the Student Government Association (SGA), students hold responsibilities to be self-governing; seek representation from all sectors of the campus community; create fair representative government; project the best aspirations of the community; provide support to the administration for effective enrichment of college life; and to assure the welfare of the student community by identifying important community projects, needs, problems and solutions. Governance shared with the students, faculty, staff and administration is how Union College succeeds in its commitment to being student-centered.

The SGA accepts clear responsibility to fairly represent the student body; to set goals and programs for each college year; to budget and distribute its resources with consideration for needs of various constituencies; and to promptly expedite all commitments.

SGA is a special forum for the principles set forth by the college’s mission, values and vision statements: it is a forum for learning, service, enlarging personal competencies, exploring and applying values, practicing stewardship of resources and for discovering and claiming personal transformation.

2014-2015 Student Leadership Team


Michael Davenport


Briana Patel

Vice President for Student Development

Caleb Spurlock

Vice President for Business Affairs

Kimberly Alexander

Vice President for Athletics

Rebeka Griffith

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ellie Weaver

Vice President for Public Relations