A potential Theatre Scholarship recipient will fill out a Theatre Scholarship Application which will be reviewed by the Instructor of Theatre.  The Instructor of Theatre will then choose the recipient for the scholarship based on the application and possible interview with the potential recipient.

The Theatre Scholarship recipient must carry out the following duties to be able to keep the scholarship:

1.  Be involved in the Fall and Spring theatre productions.  This involvement includes either on stage as an actor or as a crew member.

2.  Whether an actor or crew member, the recipient must spend 5 hours a week working on the construction of the set, painting of the set, hanging lights, focusing lights, help in the acquisition of props and/or scenic elements, strike of the set, or any other task that needs to be performed as it relates to the production.

3.  The recipient will fill out a time sheet on a weekly basis.  If the recipient is not fulfilling his/her weekly time commitment, the scholarship funding will be negated. This decision is at the discretion of the Instructor of Theatre.

4.  After the Fall/Spring production is complete, the recipient will perform duties as directed by the Instructor of Theatre until the end of the semester.

5.  The Instructor of Theatre holds the right to terminate any scholarship recipient at any time and scholarship funding will also be terminated.  The criteria for termination will be as follows:

          a.  Not performing the duties related to his/her production assignment

          b.  Not fulfilling the required 5 hours of afternoon work sessions

          c.  Conduct unbecoming of a Union College student as described in the                                    Student Handbook (pgs. 23 – 25)

6.  If a scholarship recipients funding has been terminated due to any violations listed on this page, they may not apply for another theatre scholarship.