Credit Hour Definition

Union College defines one credit hour as an amount of work represented in intended learning outcomes and verified by evidence of student achievement. Instruction may take place in a variety of methods including faculty directed instruction and faculty directed learning experiences for the students.

The delivery of instruction can be virtual or face to face. Each credit hour is intended to consist of at least three hours per week over a 15-week semester. It is expected that a 3-credit hour course will meet for 150 minutes per week for a total of 37.5 hours of direct instruction per semester.

Guidelines for the Contact Hour to Credit Hour instruction calculation:

  1. Traditional (face-to-face) courses meet for 15-weeks. The contact hour at Union is defined as 50 minutes and a 3-hour course meets 150 minutes per week. An additional 30 hours of out-of-class student work assignments and learning activities are required per course hour during the 15-week semester.
  2. Online/Hybrid courses must meet the same requirements as traditional courses. The instructional and learning activities may take a variety of forms to fit the online and virtual environments.
  3. Internships at Union College are measured as a three-credit hour course is equivalent to 100 contact hours and a six-credit hour course is equivalent to 200 contact hours. These hours are logged and verified with oversight from the professor of record for the course. These placements are experiential learning opportunities that engage the student to apply the knowledge and skills that have been acquired throughout their academic program/discipline.
  4. Educational Studies Unit (Education majors) Student teaching experience is calculated as 70 instructional days ( 8 hours per day) a total of 560 hours (this requirement is based upon the Educational Standards Board regulations for Kentucky education programs)
  5. Nursing clinical and laboratory experiences 45 clock hours is equivalent to 1 credit hour for all clinical and skills lab courses. The Nursing program also requires a 120 hour practicum as directed by the Kentucky Board of Nursing – Nursing education regulations – that must be completed within 7 weeks of the student’s last semester in the nursing program prior to graduation.