Master of Arts in Education: Educational Leadership: The Educational Leadership program is consistent with the unit’s conceptual framework through its belief that “educators are school and community leaders who become agents of social change through the pursuit of personal, intellectual, and social transformation.” The curriculum is structured to give depth and breadth to candidates’ synthesis of subject matter and pedagogy that gives attention to personal, intellectual, and social development. Through this process the faculty is reaching the program’s goal of developing effective and engaging Educational Leadership teachers who engage and empower their candidates.

Master of Arts in Education: Special Education: The Learning and Behavioral Disorders program (LBD) programs provides candidates with the resources needed to advance student achievement of students with learning and behavioral disorders. Utilizing standardized curricula based on teacher preparation standards from the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), Characteristics of Highly Effective Teaching and Learning (CHETL), and the Kentucky Teacher Standards (KTS), the program prepares candidates for local, state, and national service as a teacher leader. 

Master of Arts in Education: The Teacher Leader
The Teacher Leader program is designed for educators who seek career advancement and professional enrichment in a convenient, online environment. The curriculum is dynamic, challenging and real-world relevant. Whether you’re transitioning to another career or growing within your current career, Union’s online program offers the flexibility, convenience and academic rigor to help you succeed and meet your goals. Our program includes several areas of concentration: Educational Policy, Cultural Competency, Gifted Education and English as a Second Language. 

Educational Policy:  The Teacher Leader: Educational Policy program challenges students to gain an in-depth understanding of the educational system’s political structure at the state and national levels. As both levels continue to call for increased accountability and responsibility for educators, the program examines the challenges and rewards that this call presents to all stakeholders in P-12 education. A particular focus of the program examines the use of regional, state, and national achievement data as a tool of empowerment for those who often lead reform initiatives for public education. 

Cultural Competency:  The Teacher Leader: Cultural Competency program equips educators to bridge the gap from cultural tolerance to cultural   empathy toward an outcome of increasing student success for all P-12 learners. Through coursework, class discussions, and clinical experiences, candidates will gain both professional and personal understandings of the social, economic, cultural, and legal challenges facing different groups of learners who populate P-12 classrooms.  All students and their families come to the classroom and we must teach them where they are in order to get them where we want them to be.  This program provides candidates with the knowledge to achieve that specific goal.  

Gifted Education:  The Teacher Leader: Gifted Education P-12 program is the continuation of the ESU’s mission to develop candidates who can advance the cause of student achievement for all learners. The program allows candidates to take knowledge gained through coursework and guided clinical practice and apply this knowledge toward the content, instructional, and leadership needs of a gifted educator.  A particular focus of the program addresses the impact of the release of the Kentucky Core Academic Standards (KCAS) for language arts, mathematics, and science on the need for educators to customize instruction for all gifted P-12 learners. (Requires passing Praxis II licensure exam.)

English as a Second Language: The Teacher Leader: English as a Second Language (ESL) program prepares teachers to address the needs of  students in Kentucky schools whose primary language is other than English. English Learners enter Kentucky schools with a variety of language backgrounds, educational experiences and levels of English proficiency.  Through structured clinical placements, faculty mentoring, and innovative applications for putting theory into practice, our program is designed to ensure that ESL educators can assist their students in developing English proficiency and in meeting the same academic content and academic achievement standards required of all Kentucky students. (Requires passing Praxis II licensure exam.)

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