Master of Arts in General Psychology

100% Online Program-37 Hours

The Master of Arts in General Psychology program is designed for students who wish to pursue further doctoral studies in psychology, or who are seeking career advancement. The degree involves advanced coursework in the field of psychology, as well as a capstone, integrative research-based thesis aimed to prepare students for understanding research, becoming consumers of research literature and thinking critically and scientifically. The course curriculum is dynamic, challenging and professionally relevant. Union’s online master's degree in Psychology offers flexibility, convenience and academic rigor to help you focus on success and meet your goals.

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Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

Hybrid Program- 49 Hours

The specialization in Clinical Psychology provides the opportunity for the student to understand, evaluate and counsel persons with psychological problems, and to draw upon community resources for assistance in working with these persons. During completion of the 48-hour Clinical Psychology graduate program, which includes approved practica, the student is provided the opportunity to administer psychological tests and use various techniques of counseling and psychotherapy. Students who complete all requirements in the clinical area, and who become a licensed clinical psychologist, often work in psychiatric hospitals, prisons, in mental health centers, or with doctoral-level psychologists in private practice.

PLEASE NOTE: Those interested in pursuing licensure must complete an additional 12 hours in the Clinical Psychology Endorsement Contract.

Additional benefits offered to the clinical psychology student include 1) intensive training in clinical assessment, including intelligence tests, personality evaluations, and assessments regarding developmental disabilities, 2) the possibility for a variety of guided practicum opportunities, such as community mental health, school based programs, private practice, hospitals, and government agencies, 3) class schedules to fit the working professional’s needs (the majority being evening & online courses with the exception of practica) 4) and faculty supervision for each practicum limited to a 1 to 5 ratio offering intensive training and feedback on therapeutic skill development and documentation procedures.

Master of Science in Substance Abuse

100% Online Program-60 Hours 

Our graduate program in Substance Abuse Counseling is a 60-hour program that is totally online. It is designed to meet the criteria for licensure as a substance abuse counselor in the state of Kentucky. Complete information about licensure requirements in Kentucky may be found at their website of the Kentucky State Board of Examiners of Substance Abuse, available at:

Students are responsible for checking on state-specific requirements for states other than Kentucky. Students who have completed the Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate or have completed the state certification examination may be able to count some their earlier work toward the master’s degree. Students applying for the degree must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA in their undergraduate degree. Those who are already in the CDCC 21-hour program and in good standing with Union are eligible to transition into the Substance Abuse Counseling program by application to the program.

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Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate

100% Online Certificate Program-21 Hours

The online Chemical Dependency Certificate Program is designed to train people in the skills necessary for assisting chemically dependent persons to alleviate that dependency. The program includes courses designed to provide students with knowledge of the field through focusing on the development of counseling skills specific to the needs of chemically dependent clientele as identified by appropriate agencies.

This certificate can be earned as a standalone certificate at the graduate level or can be used as a focus area within many of our undergraduate programs. 

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