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Union College Online 

We have expanded opportunities for online learners that allow you to take Union College wherever you go.

Life takes us all on different paths at different times. If your schedule does not allow you the flexibility to attend face-to-face courses on campus, our online programs may be just what you need to earn a degree, or the opportunity to return to college to finish what you started. Our online programs offer convenient class schedules organized to meet your daily routine; career-oriented degrees and academic advisors that will help you succeed.

Tuition for our online undergraduate programs begins at $225 per credit hour, and financial aid is available for our online students.

Union College online programs offer students options in online degree coursework at several academic levels. All of our online programs are affordable, convenient for all students, and feature Union's personal connection. It is the same college you love, with the campus you know, available online. 

Online Undergraduate Programs 

Business Administration

General Management

General Studies

Law Enforcement


Substance Abuse



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