Dual Credit Program

Union College Dual Credit Progam is open to home school and high school students who are junior or seniors, residing in the State of Kentucky.  This program provides the opportunity for high school and home school upper classmen to enroll and earn Union College and high school credit from their high school or home school program.


Students who enroll in Dual Credit Programs are:

  • More likely to enroll in full-time college after graduation
  • Better prepared for college level work and more likely to succeed
  • Can save thousands of dollar in tuition costs
  • Able to transfer the college credits obtained from Union College to other academic institutions.


Who can participate

Juniors and Seniors - 2 courses per academic semester

Academic Requirements

  • GPA - 3.0
  • ACT score: Minimum 18 composite for admission to program.  Benchmark scores must be met to enroll in college level Mathematics and English courses.



$54 per credit hour

*Scholarship opportunites to assist with funding is availabe to eligible Kentucky students through the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA).

Number of Possible Credit Hours

6 hours per semester - 24 credit hours prior to high school graduation.

When can courses be taken

Students can take courses during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.  Summer courses for seniors must be started prior to high school graduation.


When to apply

Fall courses:  Application to participate in the dual credit program are due to district coordinator by May 12th.

Applications for admission to Union College are due by May 15th.

For information regarding late admission of new students, please contact your school guidance counselor.


Your high school guidance counselor can assist you in getting your college career at Union started.  For additional information, please visit your guidance counselor or contact Rachel Gaynor at rgaynor@unionky.edu.