Appalachian Studies

Offered as a minor
Division Level

The Appalachian Studies minor provides students, in all academic programs, to learn about the history, geography, culture, literature, folklore/folklife, environment and economy of the Appalachian region. Courses examine socioeconomic concerns of eastern Kentucky and Appalachia more broadly, and provide an overview of the Appalachian region within the global context.

The minor develops critical and analytical skills that are valuable in fields as diverse as business, communications, education, English, environmental science, geography, health sciences, law, literature, public policy, and social work. The program provides preparation for students:

  • anticipating graduate/professional work in fields such as Business, Communications, Education, English, Environmental Science, Fine Arts, Folk Studies, Forestry, Gerontology, Geography, Health Sciences, History/Public History, Law, Literature, Political Science, Public Policy, Religious Studies, Social Work and Sociology, in which research may be conducted within the context of Appalachia
  • planning to pursue employment in a field or geographic location that would benefit from a deeper understanding of the Appalachian region
  • interested in learning more about the Appalachian region for personal reasons


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