Chemical Dependency Certificate

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Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate Program

The Chemical Dependency Certificate Program is designed to train people who wish to become a certified chemical dependency counselor in the skills necessary for assisting chemically dependent persons to alleviate that dependency. The online Chemical Dependency certificate program includes courses designed to provide students with knowledge of the field through focusing on the development of counseling skills specific to the needs of chemically dependent clientele as identified by appropriate agencies.


Requirements for Admission

  • Entrance application
  • Offical transcripts, minimum 2.5 overall GPA

Careful attention will be given to previous work experience, academic background, scholarship, interpersonal skills, and commitment to the field of chemical dependency.

Chemical Dependency Counselor Certification Curriculum

Undergraduate (21 hours)
PSYH 405-Foundations of Chemical Dependency Treatment I (4)
PSYH 406-Foundations of Chemical Dependency Treatment II (4)
PSYH 407-Ethical Issues in Chemical Dependency Treatment (1)
PSYH 410-Psychology of Addiction (3)
PSYH 413-Recovery & Relapse (3)
PSYH 424-Biological Systems of Chemical Dependence (3)
PSYH 275-Cross Cultural Psychology (3)

Graduate (21 hours)

PSYH 505-Foundations of Chemical Dependency Treatment I (4)
PSYH 506-Foundations of Chemical Dependency Treatment II (4)
PSYH 507-Ethical Issues in Chemical Dependency Treatment (1)
PSYH 510-Psychology of Addiction (3)
PSYH 513-Recovery & Relapse (3)
PSYH 524-Biological Systems of Chemical Dependence (3)
PSYH 655-Multicultural & Diversity Issues or Approved Chemcial Dependency Elective  (3)
For Admissions Information contact: or call 606.546.1692

For Program Information contact: 

Dr. Ilie Vasilescu at or 606.546.1685





This certificate program has been approved by the Kentucky Board of Certification of Drug and Alcohol Counselors (March, 2007). Completion of the Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate does not guarantee certification by the Kentucky Board, but provides the requisite academic background to sit for the CADC examination. All current state certification information may be found at: