Nursing Pre-Licensure Track

Union College is pleased to announce that pre-nursing courses are now available.  Students are encouraged to meet with faculty in the Department of Nursing early in their studies if they are interested in pursuing this major.  Call 606.546.1501 to make an appointment.  It will be important to begin the science pre-requisites early to be prepared to apply to the major in a timely manner.  A competitive process for admission to the major is outlined below.  

Mission Statement

The Union College Department of Nursing is dedicated to providing an environment of scholarly questioning, inquiry and service. The liberal studies, sciences and nursing core prepares graduates to address the holistic health care needs of diverse populations in the region and beyond, and to pursue graduate education.

Program Goals

The Union College Nursing Program seeks to:

  1. Attract, develop and retain excellent students with a passion for the art and science of nursing and lifelong learning.
  2. Create an educational environment that fosters development of leaders through stimulating, questioning, debate and collaboration.
  3. Graduate professionals who are caring and are prepared to use evidence, knowledge and clinical reasoning in holistically addressing health care needs.


Nursing Student Learning Outcomes

The graduate of the nursing program of Union College will:

  1. Use knowledge, theory, evidence and clinical reasoning to provide nursing care for patients across the lifespan.
  2. Effectively express ideas in written and oral communication.
  3. Participate in the coordination of care through an inter-professional teamwork approach to care for individuals and groups of patients.
  4. Manage the provision of nursing care through effective leadership and organizational skills.
  5. Practice within the context of professional, ethical, regulatory and legal codes.
  6. Participate in political and regulatory processes that affect the health and well-being of society.
  7. Evaluate and use current and relevant technology and health care informatics.
  8. Create and foster a culture of safety and quality.
  9. Apply teaching/learning strategies and the nursing process to health care education.
  10. Demonstrate behaviors that support, enhance and promote patient health, comfort and hope.
  11. Articulate the value of lifelong learning within the nursing profession and develop a plan for continued education and educational mobility.


Admission Criteria

Students who wish to pursue the nursing major are admitted to Union College as pre-nursing majors.  During the first two years of college, pre-nursing students complete Union College core requirements and pre-requisites for the program.  Admission to Union College is not a guarantee of admission to the Upper Division Nursing Major.  Pre-nursing students who meet minimum criteria for admission to the nursing major may apply for admission to the program. Please note that admission to the nursing major is a competitive process and the most qualified students will be selected for admission to the major using the criteria described below. 

Applications will be accepted until December 1 each fall semester for consideration of admission the following fall semester to the major.  Students who are not selected one year must reapply to be considered the following year.   

Admission Criteria:

  1. Cumulative GPA of 2.75 as reported by all institution(s) attended. Please note that this is the minimum GPA for application.  The GPA needed for admission usually will be much higher.
  2. Completion of at least 45 semester hours before submitting the application. For traditional students this will usually be at the end of the sophomore first semester. 
  3. Completion of all NURSING prerequisites or approved substitutes before the beginning of the fall semester for which the application is submitted.   All pre-requisites must be completed with a “C” or better. Pre-requisites are listed below:

•  NURS 101 Introduction to Nursing
•  BIOL 109  Elements of Biology (pre-requisite to all other science requirements)
•  CHEM 230 Survey of General, Inorganic, and Organic Chemistry
•  BIOL 330 Vertebrate Anatomy and Histology
•  BIOL 331 Human Physiology
•  BIOL 235 Microbiology for Health Sciences 
•  NURS 301 Foundations
•  PSY 200 Introduction to Psychology
•  PSY 332 Lifespan Psychology
•  Well 361 Principles of Nutrition

  1. Completion of all Liberal Studies before the beginning of the fall semester for which the application is submitted.
  2. Minimum ACT Score of 18 reported to Union College.
  3. Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Score reported to Union College.  Prospective students may take the TEAS exam twice (at least 60 days apart).  The highest of the first two attempts will be considered. Students who elect to take the TEAS at another testing site must release scores to Union College at the time the exam is taken.  For more information about the TEAS exam, including alternate testing locations please visit:


Admission to the Nursing Major

Completed applications to the major will be reviewed by the Nursing Faculty Committee on Admission and the most qualified  students will be selected by the following weighted score of  criteria:

•  Cumulative GPA – 25%
•  ACT Score - 25%
•  TEAS - 50%

Students may be accepted, placed on a waitlist, or declined admission to the major.  Students will be notified by official Union College email or U.S. mail (for transfer students not currently enrolled at Union College) of the admission decision.