Considering a Career in Psychology?

Psychology is an excellent preparation for a wide variety of careers. After completing a major in psychology, our students are able to enter into jobs in the helping professions as well as in private industry in positions involving research and decision-making. Many of our students also attend graduate programs to earn master’s or doctoral degrees. A partial listing of the different types of advanced programs that psychology students can go into includes:

Adulthood & Aging
Consumer Psychology
Pastoral Counseling
Art Therapy
Environmental Psychology
Personality Theory
Behavior Therapy
Forensic Psychology
Physiological Psychology
Behavioral Genetics
Health Psychology
Psychology of Reading
Behavioral Medicine
Human Factors
School Psychology
Child Development
Human Relations
Sensory Processes
Clinical Psychology
Industrial Psychology
Social Psychology
College Counseling
Psychology of Language
Sociocultural Psychology
Law & Psychology
Speech and Hearing
Community Psychology
Mathematical Psychology
Sports Psychology
Computer Applications
Substance Abuse