Professional Learning Overview

Richland Institute for Professional Learning

Overview of Professional Learning

The focus of Richland Institute's Professional Learning for 2015 is on integrating the arts across the curriculum and addressing requirements of Program Review while differentiating instruction in core academic areas. Teachers may register for 3 hours, 6 hours , 12 hours , or 18 hours of Professional Learning  and may select from a menu of options. 

Math and the Arts sessions integrate specific, grade-appropriate math Common Core concepts with visual arts, dance, theatre, or storytelling (aligned with the Kentucky Core Academic Standards). 

English Language Arts, Social Studies, and the Arts sessions integrate music, dance, storytelling, and visual arts (aligned with the Kentucky Core Academic Standards) with bullets from the English Language Arts  Common Core and  both state and national standards in Social Studies.

One of the factors that makes Richland Institute's Professional Learning unique is that teachers can participate in professional learning sessions for teachers only or can choose to participate in a “Modeled Hands-on Lesson” led by a teaching artist modeling how s/he teaches cross-curricular concepts through the arts to students enrolled in Union College’s summer arts program (Kids’ College Art Camp). The hands-on lessons will each have 5 spaces for teachers to enroll.  Teachers who enroll will receive a certificate of participation in three hours of Professional Learning and can fully participate in the activity.  Teachers are also encouraged to drop in and observe hands-on sessions, but drop-in teachers will not receive a certificate and will not be able to make any art product.  

All teachers will receive classroom-ready, integrated lesson plans and resources to develop their own integrated lessons and units of study. 


Cost of Attendance


  • $65.00 for 3 hours of Professional Learning
  • $125.00 for 6 hours of Professional Learning
  • $100.00 per 6 hours if you attend all three days
  • $100.00 per 6 hours for groups of 5 or more from same school or school district


Buffet Style Meals in Cafeteria

  • Breakfast:  $4.50 per day
  • Lunch:  $6.00 per day
  • Dinner:  $7.00 per day


Union College Campus Lodging

Room:  $20.00 per day

Space is limited!  Early registration is encouraged.