Offered as a major & minor
Division Level

The primary mission of the Sociology program is to help students better understand society and their place within it. Students learn skills useful for analyzing sociological issues in the Appalachian region and the United States. Students look at the interconnections of culture and structure to get an understanding of how everyday life is both enabled and constrained by larger societal patterns so that they can develop and apply “sociological imagination” to their own lives.

The focus in the program is learning to take the perspective of others through primary texts; these texts help students to understand core sociological issues in a deeper way than standard textbooks can provide. Within the curriculum, students develop skills in analysis, writing, and oral communication. Students are required to study research methods and statistics so that they have a better understanding of how to evaluate sociological research. All students study theory and apply it to a social issue of their own choosing. Students also complete senior seminar and a series of exercises designed to help them prepare for either graduate school or the world of work related to a sociology degree.

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