Other Things You Need to Know

Renewal of Assistance

All aid offered is for four full years.  All scholarships require that you maintain a GPA consistent with the standards of satisfactory academic progress. 

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Federal regulations require that all students make satisfactory academic progress toward a degree in order to receive Title IV federal assistance.  At Union College, we will measure your cumulative GPA and cumulative credit hour completion rate at the end of each semester. Students will also be reviewed for maximum time frame for degree completion.

1.   Cumulative Grade Point Average

Students must meet the following minimum academic standards:

  • 1-29 hours attempted 1.80 cumulative GPA
  • 30-59 hours attempted 1.90 cumulative GPA
  • Above 60 hours 2.0 cumulative GPA
 2.  Cumulative Credit Hour Completion Rate

Students must earn at least 2/3 or 67% of the credit hours attempted each semester.

12 hours attempted 12 x 67% = 8 hours

18 hours attempted 18 x 67% = 12 hours

  • For hours to count in the earned category you must receive a grade of A, B, C or D
  • Attempted hours will include repeated, withdrawn and incomplete courses regardless of whether you received financial aid or not.
    • The original enrollment and repeated courses will count toward attempted credit hours but only the second course will count toward the earned credit hours.
    • Courses that students withdraw from after drop/add will count toward attempted hours.
    • Incomplete courses are counted as attempted hours. If you receive a passing grade after academic progress has been evaluated, it is your responsibility to notify financial aid.
    • Remedial and pass/fail courses will not be counted in attempted hours.
3.   Maximum Time Frame For Degree Completion
  • Undergraduate students are expected to complete a bachelor’s degree before completing 150% of the required hours to complete their program.
    • If your academic program requires 128 hours, you are eligible to receive financial aid for 192 attempted hours.  For example: 128 x 150% = 192 hours.
    • If you are not on track to earn your degree before hitting the max credit hours, your aid will be denied.
    • Transfer hours are counted in attempted hours.

A student who does not meet satisfactory academic progress will be placed on financial aid warning.  You will continue to receive financial aid while on warning.  If you do not meet satisfactory progress by the end of that semester, you will be placed on financial aid suspension.


Students who are on suspension may appeal this decision to the Union College Financial Aid Appeals Committee.  Please submit a written request to the Director of Financial Aid explaining the following:

  • Why you did not make academic progress?
  • What has changed that will allow you to make academic progress at the end of the term?

The committee will review the appeal along with any additional recommendations from faculty or staff.  If your appeal is approved, you will be placed on probation for one term.  After the probationary term, you must be making satisfactory academic progress or follow the academic plan that has been developed for you to continue to receive financial assistance.  If your appeal is not approved, you may take classes at your own expense to regain academic progress.

Application for Summer Aid

Once you have registered for summer classes and would like financial aid, please notify our office at 606.546.1223.  You must have at least six hours to receive financial aid.

Gainful Employment

The US Department of Education requires colleges to disclose a variety of information for any program specifally designed to prepare students for gainful empolyment in a recognized ocupation.  The intent of these disclosures is to help prospective students make informed decisions about education programs.

The following programs at Union College are subject to these requirements:

Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate Report
Social Media Management Certificate Report
Substitute Teacher Certificate Report