Athletic Training

Union College is currently on probation by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE), 6850 Austin Center Blvd., Suite 100, Austin, TX 78731-3101. The program has chosen to Voluntarily Withdraw its Accreditation effective October 2018.  The program will remain on probation until the Withdraw is effective and the program is closed.


Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training

The Union College Athletic Training Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training (CAATE). The Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training is a health science degree offered in the school of Nursing and Health Sciences. The degree provides an integrated didactic and clinical education program to prepare the students for a career as a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer. The program is designed to meet the standards and guidelines of an accredited education program for the Athletic Trainer, as dictated by CAATE.

The Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training is completed over 8 semesters including pre-professional coursework and an integrated clinical education component. The coursework consists of 80 hours of coursework designed to provide formal instruction of the NATA educational competencies and clinical proficiencies.

The clinical education component is a series of four clinical experiences that respond directly to course content. The course instructors work in conjunction with clinical instructors to supply a guided application of knowledge and clinical skills, acquired in the classroom, to a practical real-world environment. Our format is designed to develop critical thinking and decision making skills necessary for an entry-level Certified Athletic Trainer.

The Profession of Athletic Training

An Athletic Trainer is a qualified health care professional educated and experienced in the management of health care problems in the physically active population. In conjunction with physicians and other health care personnel, the Athletic Trainer functions as an integral member of the health care team in secondary schools, colleges and universities, professional sports, sports medicine clinics, industry and other health care settings. The Athletic Trainer functions in cooperation with medical personnel, athletic personnel, individuals involved in physical activity, parents and guardians in the development and coordination of efficient and responsive health care delivery systems.

The Athletic Trainer's professional preparation is directed toward the development of specific competencies in the following content areas: evidence-based practice, prevention and health promotion, clinical examination and diagnosis, acute care of injury and illness, therapeutic interventions, psychosocial strategies and referral, health care administration and professional development and responsibility. Through a combination of formal didactic instruction and clinical experience, the athletic trainer is prepared to apply a wide variety of specific health care skills and knowledge within each of the domains.