Capital and Special Projects

Health and Natural Science Center
Opportunities.  A college cannot survive for 133 years without looking for opportunities and taking advantage of them when they arise.  Union has always been able to recognize opportunities and use them to forward its mission of “creating personal, intellectual, and social transformation through the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, service, and spiritual growth.  One such opportunity presented itself a couple of years ago and is now being fully realized.

Union worked with the Knox County Fiscal Court to enter in to a lease-to-purchase agreement on the old Knox County Hospital property.  The 38,949 square foot building will house the nursing program, the psychology department, student health/counseling, athletic training, natural sciences, and classroom/conference space.

Opportunities also abound to assist Union in this important endeavor.  While the funding is secured for renovations, support is needed for teaching and learning resources and additional faculty as programs grow.  Naming opportunities are abundant with this project.  The estimated economic impact of repurposing the former hospital into a state of the art academic center for nursing, science and the health sciences is over twenty million dollars over the next five years.  Follow the progress and take advantage of the many ways to be involved with Union’s next chapter of our Strategic Plan 2020.

For more information, email, or call 606-546-1277.

Mahlon Miller Hall
Due to some structural issues with how the original brick was laid, Miller Hall underwent a phase one rehabilitation project that resulted in major construction to the exterior of the facility. Exterior brick was replaced, the roof replaced and new windows, doors, and a tower entryway in the rear of the building were installed. With that phase of construction complete, our attention now turns to the interior of the facility, which will include installation of a HVAC system and major upgrades to classrooms throughout the building.  

 For more information, email, or call 606-546-1277.

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