Jim Habercam - Why I Give

We had fun, we made friends and most importantly, received an education - as alums we look back at this time period with good memories. Union provided me with something nobody could take away, a college degree.  For me and I think most of us, a Union College degree gave us an entry ticket into the workforce, a credential which would lead to a career and comfortable life.

Today the cost of a Union College degree has increased significantly due to the rising costs associated with education and technology. Therefore some very deserving young people will not be able to experience college as we did, with the fun, the camaraderie of fellow students, and a quality education.

Other colleges and universities such as Harvard or Yale are extremely well endowed. Public universities are supported by state funds, in addition to their endowments. Union College needs you, its alumni, to support scholarships for outstanding young men and women who lack only the funds to attend Union College.  We must help these young men and women by donating money for their education at Union. 

For this reason, I am creating a scholarship fund and leaving a significant portion of my estate to Union College. 

I ask you join me and to rise to the occasion to make this year the best giving year ever for Union College. The donations can be given in many ways, just a few are: matching funds from your employer, cash by check and remembering Union in your estate plans. The gift of a Union College education is one gift that lasts a lifetime and perhaps one of the best gifts we can give.  Besides… I guarantee you will feel good about doing so.  

                         May God Bless,
                         Jim "Habo" Habercam