The Union College Bulldog's official site has a detailed listing of all athletic staff. More information can be found there.


Tim Curry - Executive Director of Athletics

Sam Lee - Associate Director of Athletics


Mr. Kevin Burton
Head Coach: Men's Basketball
Mr. Clay Butler
Director: Sports Medicine and Drug Educ Program
Jacob Carter
Head Track & Cross Country Coach
Mr. Tim Curry
Executive Director of Athletics
Thomas Doyle
Head Bowling Coach
Ms. Lana Faulkner
Administrative Assistant: Athletics & Athletic Training
Mr. Leo Henriquez
Head Strength Coach
Dr. Larry Inkster
Professor of Health & Physical Education
Mr. Cody Kirby
Head Coach: Archery
Mr. Sam Lee
Associate Director: Athletics
Mr. John Luttrell
Head Football Coach
Mr. Roscoe Moonieyan
Athletics Business Manager/Head Tennis Coach
Ms. Alyssa Morris
Head Softball Coach
Ms. Lisa Napier
Head Coach: Cheerleading
Mr. William Sergent
Head Golf Coach
Mr. Jay Stancil
Director: Strategic Sports Communications
Mr. Jeremy Wise
Head Coach: Volleyball