The Union College Bulldog's official site has a detailed listing of all athletic staff. More information can be found there.


Mr. Kevin Burton
Head Coach: Men's Basketball
Mr. Clay Butler
Director: Sports Medicine and Drug Educ Program
Ms. Ana Calaza
Assistant Volleyball Coach
Jacob Carter
Head Track & Cross Country Coach
Ryan Cliff
Assistant Baseball Coach
Mr. Ed Craver II
Head Coach: Men's Lacrosse
Mr. Tim Curry
Director of Athletics/Head Coach: Women's Basketball
Taylor Drake
Assistant Director: Sports Communication
Ms. Lana Faulkner
Administrative Assistant: Athletics & Athletic Training
Nicole Felker
Head Softball Coach
Mr. Rafael Forti
Head Coach: Swimming
Mr. A.J. Gambrel
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Mr. John Gray
Assistant Coach: Football
Mr. Leo Henriquez
Head Strength Coach
Mr. CJ Hunnicutt II
Assistant Coach: Football
Ms. Erin Hunnicutt
Assistant Coach: Women's Basketball
Dr. Larry Inkster
Professor of Health & Physical Education
Mr. Jacob Janutolo
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Mr. Cody Kirby
Head Coach: Archery
Mr. Sam Lee
Director: Athletic Recruitment & Retention
Mr. Andre Linn
Head Football Coach
Ms. Camila Mendes
Head Coach: Women's Soccer
Mr. Andy Messer
Assistant Professor of Recreation Management
Mr. Roscoe Moonieyan
Athletics Business Manager/Head Tennis Coach
Mr. Jon North
Director of Sports Broadcasting and External Operations
Mr. Bart Osborne
Head Coach: Baseball
Ms. Jordan Poole
Athletic Trainer
Mr. Jonathan Riddle
Assistant Baseball Coach
Mr. Leo Rumbaugh
Assistant Football Coach
Mr. Tommy Sasser
Assistant Football Coach
Mr. William Sergent
Head Golf Coach
Mr. Jay Stancil Jr
Director: Strategic Sports Communications
Mr. JT Thompson
Assistant Baseball Coach
Mr. Sean Trinque
Head Coach: Cycling
Mr. Jeremy Wise
Head Coach: Volleyball