Department of Business

The Union College Business Department is committed to a thorough exploration of learning by establishing the relationships between management, communications, marketing, accounting, finance, quantitative analyses and strategic planning. Key courses are taught to show the integration of the significant areas of business. Also, basic business skills are incorporated into the courses to enhance such areas as computer skills, written and oral communication skills, quantitative skills, and global perspectives.

Graduates of the business program learn to apply skills to their everyday tasks. Those skills include:

        • Critical thinking and risk taking

        • Team building

        • Project management

        • Communications and information technology

The Department of Business at Union offers majors in business and business-related disciplines that lead to students’ acceptance in graduate school, the start of a career in business or entrance into other professions, such as law.


Dr. Kyung Hoon Lee
Associate Professor of Management
Dr. Carolyn Payne
Professor of Accounting
Stella Rostkowski
Associate Professor: Business