Educational Studies Unit

The Union College Educational Studies Unit (ESU) is a Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) accredited teacher preparation program. With the deliberate alignment of program curriculum, partnerships with local and state P-12 school districts, intensive clinical experience models, and a program focus on advancing the cause of increased P-12 student achievement for all learners to the Kentucky Teacher Standards (KTS), Characteristics of Highly Effective Teaching and Learning (CHETL), and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Preparation (NCATE) standards,  ESU candidates are prepared under the ESU’s guiding premise of “Teachers as Leaders”. Many ESU candidates have achieved state and national distinction for excellence in the teaching profession through selection as a Kentucky Teacher of the Year.

The ESU offers initial teaching licensure programs including elementary, middle, secondary education, special education, and health and physical education. The ESU also offers advanced graduate programs including several program emphasis areas for its Teacher Leader Masters and Rank I program and Masters and Rank I programs for special education and curriculum and instruction.

Below is a full list of the ESU’s program offerings:

Initial Program Offerings:

  • Elementary Education P-5
  • Middle Grades Education 5-8
  • Secondary Mathematics 9-12
  • Secondary Social Studies 9-12
  • Secondary Chemistry 9-12
  • Secondary Biology 9-12
  • Secondary English 9-12
  • Learning and Behavioral Disorders P-12
  • Health Education P-12
  • Physical Education P-12


Advanced Program Offerings:

  • Teacher Leader P-12 MA
  • Teacher Leader P-12 Rank I
  • Teacher Leader: Cultural Competency
  • Teacher Leader: Health and Physical Education
  • Teacher Leader: Educational Policy
  • Learning and Behavioral Disorders  P-12 MA 
  • Learning and Behavioral Disorders P-12 Rank I
  • Supervisor of Instruction P-12 and Rank I
  • Curriculum and Instruction P-12 Rank I


Graduate students can take advantage of our $2,500 Scholarship offer by contacting Paula Parker at 606.546.1698 or emailing

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Ms. Carol Clouse
Assistant Professor Educational Studies
Mrs. Paula Grubb
Educational Studies Specialist
Dr. Lori Henderson
Associate Professor: Education
Mrs. Preshus Howard
Director: ESU Candidate/Licensure Services
Dr. Joy Ramsey
Associate Professor Graduate Education
Dr. Jason Reeves
Assistant Professor of Education, Dean for ESU, NCATE Coord.
Dr. Ryan Winders
Assistant Professor